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Welcome to Gwendariff Irish Setters

We are Diane Stewart-Ritchie & Alec Stewart, proud owners of The Gwendariff Show Dog kennel, based outside Hillsborough in Northern Ireland.  Between us we have more than sixty years of providing elite, specialist professional dog training.

Whilst browsing through our website, we hope you will enjoy learning more about the world of Gwendariff Irish Setters and gain a deeper understanding of how our Internationally Acclaimed Kennel has remained at the top of the prestigious UK dog show scene for more than 15 years. You will see why we are consistently titled the number one Irish Setter Kennel in the UK, UK Top Breeder and winners of so many prestigious awards as detailed above.

Our dogs are available to insightful customers from all over the world. Whether top class show dogs or loving family members, Gwendariff Irish Setters are confident, charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, biddable, fun loving, and immensely affectionate characters. 

Through global recognition of our Gwendariff Irish Setters we have been able to take part in TV presentations, editorial write ups, radio interviews, and podcasts.  The desire to share our extensive knowledge, unrivalled experience and love of our breed has resulted in many invitations to lead seminars and training days in the UK and Europe alike.  As we are the first of only two Irish Setter kennels in the UK to hold the Kennel Club’s Accolade of Excellence within the ASSURED BREEDER SCHEME, we can assure the highest standards of absolutely everything that is in the best interests of our dogs and those who invest in us. 

Not only are Gwendariff Irish Setters our hobby, they are our obsession, our passion……. they are our lives! 

We at Gwendariff are proud custodians of the breed and have its health and welfare at the heart of everything we do. With Diane having been born in Northern Ireland, we feel it is our obligation to uphold the standard of this breed we love so dearly. Now designated with Heritage Status by the Irish Government, we hope we are a little closer to ensuring the Irish Setter’s longevity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fabulous photographers who have taken the time to catch such special moments for us and to our Gwendariff family of owners who share with us their lives with their dogs. This website would not have been possible without you all and we look forward to making, and sharing, many more memories with you in years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read ABOUT US. 


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