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Alec and I are thrilled to be able to announce the birth of these exciting new babies.

Mum, is our beautiful Swedish import from the world renowned COPPER'S kennel.


Kikki, COPPER'S COMIN UP ROSES FOR GWENDARIFF is having her second litter. What a wonderful caring and loving mother she was the first time round.


The suitor we chose for her is our own young boy Hero, GWENDARIFF WEEKEND WARRIOR. We have already produced some super girls and boys from Kikki's first litter, whose dad just happened to be Hero's father..... so a very similar pedigree as the first time round! This we hope will assure us of a similar caliber of healthy, strong babies with a great quality and temperament too.

Below we have a selection of photos of Kikki's babies from her first litter.


Gwendariff Puppies

Gwendariff Puppies


A few THANK YOU'S are certainly in order now.

THANK YOU to Camilla, Kikki's breeder. We hope you are as pleased as we are that Kikki has has such a lasting influence for us, giving new winners for others to enjoy.



THANK YOU to owners, Lynn Muir & Gaye O'Connor for giving Joe such a great life - a bit of winning too isn't bad either !! Joe,GWENDARIFF I'M COMIN OUT



THANK YOU to owner Enid Hinslea for spoiling the life out of Pesky pup who is now a big girl with a CC under her belt ! Margo, GWENDARIFF GUESS WHO'S COMIN TO NORTHAMBER JW



THANK YOU to our own girl Sky, for being such a little devil ! Already a big winner in the younger classes, we hope to mate Sky later in the year. GWENDARIFF COME FLY WITH ME

THANK YOU to Camilla, who hopes to campaign her girl GWENDARIFF'S GIFT TO COPPERS, upon the recovery of her coat after her very successful first litter earlier in the year. We wish you all the best.

AND last but certainly not least THANK YOU to our dogs, Kikki and Hero. You two did just great. 13 little bundles, all coming along nicely and now with little eyes and ears open.


Puppies are now two weeks at this time of writing and we are welcoming enquiries for the future for these red babies.

Gwendariff Puppies

Gwendariff Puppies

Here at Gwendariff we are FULLY COUNCIL APPROVED BREEDERS, we are KENNEL CLUB ASSURED BREEDERS WITH ACCOLADE OF EXCELLENCE and everything is done to the highest level. We want the very best for our babies, nothing less will do.

All Health Testing is completed at a high standard and all Parents will have had all health tests pertaining to the breed. Your puppy pack will also contain a 3 generation Health Test Pedigree of both mum and dad of the pups.Other health matters without tests, have been considered at the most acute level to ensure your future new family member will be with you for many years to come. This is important to us. Reputation, good practices and a kind, loving environment to grow up in make for a rounded, well socialised and strong healthy puppy which you and your family can enjoy for many years tro come.

We appreciate that logistically our location may initally present itself with some challenges for you, please do not worry. Over 30 years of breeding we have established a great system, which will give you the confidence and surity that here at Gwendariff we do things right. Right from veterinary health checks once born, as well as at microchipping time,and just before pups leave us they have full and final health check with individual certificate.

Our system works well. If you wish to find out more please give us a call and we will happily talk you through the process of getting a new Gwendariff Kikki baby.

Puppies will not leave us until 8 weeks of age at least and all puppies will already have a protection single Parvo vaccine given.


Thank you for taking the time to read about this new chapter of the Gwendariff Story. Hopefully we will have some more great babies to talk about in the future.


If you feel you can give a loving, adoring home to one of Kikki's babies please contact us as below: Tel: 0044 7740 679808 Diane (no voicemails please if not available, text would be great and I will get back to you ASAP)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow any of our puppies to go to homes where owners are out at work ALL DAY. Irish Setters are gentle loving dogs and thrive with human companionship. They do not do well as only dogs left outside in a kennel. We welcome both companion and show homes for Kikki's babies.



We welcome genuine, caring and forever homes to evaluate for Kikki and Hero's babies.


Please contact us by email or telephone to gain further information regarding this superb litter.



About Us

The Gwendariff name has become synonymous with top quality Irish Setters of excellent type and temperament.  We are also renowned for producing good moving dogs with a certain 'joie de vivre' and air of confidence and charisma.  These are values we, personally, hold dear.  Top Breeders in the hotly contested UK dog show scene, we can lay claim to the Irish Setter Top Breeders title 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and once again so far this year. Coming from Northern Ireland we are extremely proud of this achievement also being well represented in the Top 10 of All Breeders on many occasions, with 4th in 2017.

We live in a countryside setting, residing between four farms with dramatic views of the Northern Ireland landscape of County Antrim.  Whilst we love our location, it does often present some challenges when choosing the correct homes for our puppies. With a lifetime involvement within this breed we have had to be innovative with regard to choosing and evaluating our potential new owners.  Of course getting the babies settled also requires extra consideration logistically, but we have over thirty years, mastered this art and are more than happy to discuss options and arrangements for suitable new owners.  At Gwendariff, the future home life and care of our babies is paramount.  We are happy to tell you we have strict policies and standards, all of which are only designed to enhance and facilitate a wonderful life for both our little red babies and you and your family's enjoyment too.  Please don't let our location deter you......... the world is a very small place these days, everything is possible, all you need do is, give us a call and we will explain our system and how you too can have your own little red Gwendariff running around your home regardless of where you live.


We are retired professional dog trainers with over seventy years experience between us.  All your training requirements can be met through our exclusive Gwendariff New Owners Manual, which comes within our extensive Puppy Pack, as well as the continual support and help you will receive from us throughout your puppy's lifetime.

Each Puppy Pack our new owners receive contains the following:

Individual 5 Generation Pedigree
Worming Declaration
Vet Health Certificate
4 Weeks Free Insurance
MicrocHips Documentation
Vaccination Card
Royal Canin Introductory Pack including Vouchers and Pet Blanket
Irish Setter Breed Booklet
Contract of Sale
Feeding Plan
3 Generation Health Test Pedigree for both Parents
Bloat Information
New Owners Manual ....... everything from the day you arrive home with your puppy.
Puppy Training Manual

We strongly believe in supporting you and our baby throughout your lifetime together.  We are wholly responsible for our puppy and his/her needs, and will provide you with everything you need to ensure you have a long and happy healthy life together. 

All Gwendariff breeding boys and girls will have had all relevant health testing as required by The Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and the Joint Irish Setter Clubs of which we are members.  These include British Veterinary Association Hips Scoring Scheme, testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA RCD1 and also PRA RCD 4), Canine Leucocide Adhesion Deficiency (CLAD) and of course all of our stock will have excellent records within these tests.  We do not breed from any animal that has not undergone the above tests or have a hereditary result suitable for the mating of the said two animals.

We are very proud to tell you that we are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and hold the highly coveted Accolade of Excellence award within the scheme.  We are the first of only two Irish Setter breeders within the UK to attain this award of merit and recognition of our commitment to breeding healthy, happy dogs of the highest quality.

See our Kennel Club Breeders Case Study here

KC Case Study

Click the image to read our article


If you feel you might wish to be part of our 'extended family' of Gwendariff reds, offering a loving, safe and forever home for one of our babies, please contact us as below:



Telephone: 0044 7740 679808

Website: email us through the Contact Us Section 

Second email:

Facebook: Diane Stewart-Ritchie

Contact us via Facebook    Contact us via WhatsApp





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